Saturday, 28 February 2009

Pricing Brochure Now Available Online !!

At long last, I got to sit at my computer long enough to pull together a web version of all of my pricing ! I know, took me long enough, didn't it :)

From now, if you send me a request for a brochure or for general pricing information, you will be furnished with a username and password, affording you access to all the pricing information, including wedding, lifestyle portraits, commercial ... everything !

I look forward to hearing from you soon and to getting some feedback on the new information, too :)


Friday, 27 February 2009

Wedding Details ... Perfume & Jewels !

Being a wedding photographer really brings out the girlie in me ... I get to spend the day with my lovely brides, their girlfriends and all that lovely clothing, jewellery, makeup, the list goes on ...

One of my signature shots is the "perfume" shot ... I get asked for this pretty much at every wedding, because my brides follow my blog and know this is something I do ... and they want it !!

It is lovely to add the touch of a piece of jewellery that the bride is going to be wearing on her special day ... due to the slippery nature of perfume bottles, this can prove a little tricky LOL, so patience is an absolute must !

And so, here are a few of my favourites from last year ... enjoy !


Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Fun with Friends in February !

I've had a rather manic month so far, so bear with me as this post will be quite looooong LOL

As I mentioned before, Valentine's Day is also my husband's birthday and this year was his 50TH !!! No idea where the years have gone, but I will admit he is looking far from his age and is wearing well LOL

Our friends, Dawn and Glenn, came over from Ireland for a few days to celebrate with us and, honestly, we did nothing but laugh, drink, shop and eat good food for the entire visit ! The image of John hiding behind a tree at a few minutes past midnight on his birthday, on the way back from the pub, as we sang Happy Birthday to him will stay with me forever !

John's birthday portrait :)

Glenn just couldn't be serious !!

Dawn was much more well behaved :)

We headed into Birmingham for some shopping and a great lunch ! Of course, on the way back to the train station, we couldn't pass this pub ...

The view of the gorgeous sky and fabulous architecture ...

Moi ! Waiting for the beer to arrive :)

We managed to grab a couple in the pub on Dawn's Nokia ...

The Sunday after John's birthday found me at the Stoke Moat House Valentine's Bridal Fayre ... thanks to all those who dropped by to see me ! And thanks to my friend, Kim, for coming along and helping me out :)

This past weekend I travelled to London for the National Wedding Show at London Olympia ... I was helping out my friend, Matt Pereira who was exhibiting and I think we did rather well ! I also managed to secure a spot at the NEC Birmingham show in October (9th to 11th) so jot that in your calendar and come by to see me there ! Of course, I will blog about that again, watch this space ... Matt's friend (and bride of his from December) was also helping out (Kate) in her wedding dress, but we managed to have a night out without the dress (LOL) at a brand new, fantastic Italian restaurant on Kensington High Street (Postino) ... I won't even try to describe the experience, just get yourself along and try it out for yourself ... be prepared for the warm welcome and fantastic food !!

A couple of the fabulous trio ... self portrait (my aim's getting better with these haha) ...

At the restaurant ... trusted my G10 with the restaurant owner !

I got home pretty late on Sunday night and then decided on a mini Oscar's party with John ... we managed to stay awake until about 3:30am (no idea how !) so of course Monday was pretty much a write-off ... with the exception of a rather special visit :) John had been out walking Tess last week and met up with her sister, Bea ! She literally lives around the corner and we didn't realise ! So, we invited Bea down for a runaround with Tess and, boy, did they run around ! They had soooo much fun together in the garden, sharing toys, eating each other's treats and generally just getting along so well !

Bea ...

Tess and Bea ... awwwwww :)

On Tuesday I got picked up by Matt Wagster and Margaret McAtier for a ride down to Focus on Imaging at the NEC, the largest UK trade show and something not to be missed for us photographers ... I caught up with some of my suppliers, and some friends in the industry, which was great fun. I also folded and bought a new lens ... I know, but it did come highly recommended as a beautiful portrait lens by my friend in Turks and Caicos, Chris Mann, so I blame him completely. It is the 135mm f2 L and I will be putting it through it's paces at the weekend at a pre wedding shoot ! Here's an initial one of Tess in the kitchen (pretty dark conditions this evening) helping me with initial low light tests :)

And so here we are, half way through the week ... I have loads more to update you on, including a recent baby shoot, some new album designs and my pre wedding shoot with Kit and B this weekend up at Crewe Hall ... all good fun !


Friday, 20 February 2009

Ellie's Intimate Teaser, Part III

OK, last one for now ...

I completely forgot to mention that all of these shots were taken in and around my home ... when remodellign each room I always had my business in mind ... my lounge is serene and relaxing, completely with comfy sofas, bookcases filled with photography books and a big screen enabling clients to watch their images, set to music ... one of the bedrooms has been decorated rather like a high end hotel, exactly the sort of thing I need for Intimates sessions ... but why JUST use that room ! I like to be versatile, to think differently and, let's be honest, Intimates look so natural in a relaxed environment, that's the idea, right?

So, this one was taken in my viewing room (ok, my lounge LOL)

Whilst I was able to get this one by rearranging some furniture, giving me a blank wall in my bedroom :)

Hope you've enjoyed the teasers ... fancy having a go? Give me a shout and we can get an Intimate shoot arranged soon !!

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Ellie's Intimate Teaser, Part II

I know, I know, 2 blog posts in an hour, but another of Ellie's just reached out and grabbed my attention ... again, comments very welcome ... let me know what you think !!

5D, 50 1.2 @ 1.2, video light (main), flash (dialled down and diffused through softbox)

Ellie's Intimate Teaser ...

I have quite a bit to catch up on ... today I finally got around to processing an Intimates session I shot with Ellie recently ... this shot really caught my eye. I think it has a sort of timeless quality and I would love to hear your thoughts on it ... something quite different for me.

For the geeks, 5D, 50 1.2 at 1.2, video light.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Extended Special Offers for February !

Hi guys ...

Due to the success of the recent discount offers on prints and other products leading up to Valentine's Day, I have decided to extend this til the end of February !

So, to take advantage of this great offer (15% off the entire order) go to the relevant gallery, choose the image you want to purchase, buy it in the drop down box and when you checkout, voila ! 15% is taken off the whole order!!

If you have attended a wedding and need to know the password, drop me a line at or call me on 07738 286739 :)

Had a portrait session done and can't remember the password? Give me a shout !

Happy February everyone :)

Monday, 16 February 2009

Sian & Ryan - PWS - Stafford

Last Sunday found me in Stafford, not far from home, in the park with Sian and Ryan for their Pre-Wedding Shoot ! They are actually not getting married until 8th August and are going to be entertaining their guests at the fabulous Rowton Castle in Shrewsbury - a stunning venue, I think you will agree.

Ryan is shipping out to Cyprus tomorrow for a 3-year stint with the RAF, so it was vital we got the shoot done so early ! The timing was hilarious, however, as Ryan's going-away "do" was the night before and was apparently very very good ... at least, that was judging by the hangovers LOL

Bad heads aside, we had a lot of fun and the resulting shots raised a large smile to their faces :)

Here are some of my favourites from the shoot ...

Ryan, best of luck with the move and I look forward to seeing you both in August !

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Signal 1 Bridal Fayre ... Moat House S-O-T !

A quick post to let you know that I am exhibiting at the Moat House in Stoke on Trent tomorrow (Sunday 15th February) for the Valentine's Signal 1 bridal fayre ... drop by for a chat and to check out some amazing show offers and gorgeous range of albums and other products !

Look forward to seeing you there :)


Thursday, 12 February 2009

Happy (Early) Valentines everyone !!!

I know, I know, it's not til Saturday, but as that is also my husband's birthday AND we have friends coming over from Ireland in a few hours AND I have a bridal fayre on Sunday, well, I'm not going to be around much !! So, I thought I'd a. make all the ladies jealous and b. all the husbands nervous by posting about my surprise gift !

We don't usually celebrate valentines at chez Taylor, basically because it's John's birthday and that is enough to be getting on with :) So, imagine my surprise when I got my early pressie ... I was sitting processing a pre wedding shoot when I got a little box placed on my desk ... I opened it to reveal this ...

I know, gorgeous, isn't it !!! I am sooo into vintage jewellery, brooches, that sort of thing, and had admired this in the jewellers ages ago, thinking nothing more of it !

Thank you so much, John, it is really beautiful and I can't wait to wear it with something glam to really show it off.

Love and smush, your wifey !! xxx

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Headshots !

I'm here, honestly, I am !!! :)

I've been pretty busy this past week, so I'll be blogging some over the next few days !

I had the pleasure of shooting some headshots for a web company in Stafford, RapidWeb, who are currently designing a fab new website for a local firm of accountants, Cheadle Accounts (check back soon for the newly designed site and, of course, the photos from the shoot).

In the meantime, here are the staff ... we had a lot of fun !!

Last, but by no means least, the boss !!

Some working shots around the office ...

And, of course, no shoot in town would be complete without a mooch round to ...

Monday, 2 February 2009

Things to do in the Snow ...

I love snow ! Especially when you don't have anywhere to go, you can cosy up all warm and snuggly in the house ... at least, that's what Tess decided was the best course of action today ...

Cute, or what !

Stay safe, everyone ... and stay indoors if you can !