Sunday, 27 December 2009

Where are all the photos ...

I know ... I've been rather neglecting the blog and my loyal readers lately ... well, I have not been doing it completely on purpose, well, kind of ... read on.

I love my blog, I love that it reaches out and inspires, that people love reading it over a cup of morning coffee, finding out what I have been up to recently. I love that it affords me the opportunity to share my love of photography with you, that I can show off my wonderful clients and my fun life.

But everything must move on, must grow, must, nay SHOULD, evolve with time. I feel I have grown these last few years but that my loyal old blog has pretty much remained the same. Don't get me started on my crappy website LOL

So, I have decided on a new look for 2010 and beyond (for how long, I am unsure at this point, re-read the part about evolving) ... and so I have been working very hard on my new website and blog, complete with new logo (ok, not too different that you won't recognise me ... I'm keeping the G !). Let me just say how very excited I am about this new project, the web is starting to really take shape and with the help of a very talented web designer, so is the new blog.

Fear not, however, there will still be a link to this trusty old blogger blog, so you can check back on previous weddings and other photography, as well as all those photos of Tess !

Thank you once again for your continued support ... I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the new look, I'm sure you're going to be as thrilled as I am with it all.

Til the end of this week, complete with new look ... have fun over the holidays and have a GREAT new year.

Smush and hugs xx

Friday, 25 December 2009

Merry Christmas !

We have a few traditions in the Taylor household ... they have sort of evolved over the last 14 Christmases and we love them !

So, this morning, we had a little lie in, then up and ready for the breakfast ritual ... smoke salmon with eggs on crispy toast, accompanied by a lovely glass of veuve clicquot mixed with freshly squeezed orange juice (let's face it, that sounds way classier than "bucks fizz" LOL), with Shrek in the background ... total bliss.

Pressies this year were abundant and we adored them all ! John and I are awaiting the sales so we can finally purchase a surround sound system for our lounge, but I did get him a little something, a framed print of his youngest son in his graduation robes (all lovingly hand-framed by little old moi !) and he loved it. Our friend Matt bought us some cracking cook books and Tess got a rather noisy squeaky ball from my Mother ... thank you soooo much ! LOL

So ... we would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for being part of our lives this year and to wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays !

Gill, John, Tess, Tig and Tom xxx

To add: the office is now closed until 5th January ... I would like to take this further opportunity to wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2010 ... see you on the other side !

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Mrs Absent ...

I know. I have been totally rubbish this last few weeks updating the blog ... I PROMISE I have valid (multiple) reasons ... here we go ...

So, my friend and fellow photographer Chris Meyer came for a visit from Minneapolis shooting first with David Pearce then heading up to stay with us for a while. In the meantime, Matt Wagster came down from Manchester to stop for a few days ... let me just say, Tess is having a ball with all these dog lovers.

Matt and I shot Tiffany and Carl's wedding in Reading last weekend, then this past weekend Chris and I shot Lindsey and Rich's wedding at Ingestre. The night before the wedding, Peter Prior came to stay as he had a wedding in Wolverhampton ... we had to buy a blow up bed for my stepson LOL. The following day we all headed into Stafford to shoot Mark and Louise's pre wedding shoot (they are getting married next Summer) and tomorrow we are all heading down to Moxhull Hall to shoot Paul and Alex's wedding. To finish, we need to get Chris to Heathrow for his flight back home on Christmas Eve ... in between all that, Christmas shopping, Christmas FOOD shopping and all the other housey stuff, like looking after Tess, the cats and on and on ...

So, forgive me, it's MANIC here ... I'll be posting a load of shoots soon ... portraits, weddings, pre wedding shoots, the lot, so hang in there ...

Oh, and did I mention a re-brand of my business? New website and blog launching soon ... you're going to LOVE IT !

Thanks for hanging in there ...


Monday, 14 December 2009

Holidays are Coming ...

I love this time of year. I'm a big old kid at Christmas and really try to get into the holiday spirit. This year, as always, I have some Christmas weddings, in fact another 3 to go before the end of the year. I'm also pretty busy with last minute print orders and albums, so a tad behind on blogging. To keep you going, I took this little shot of Tess while she was chilling out today beside the Christmas tree. Cute as a button !

More blog stuff to follow ...

For the photographers ... Canon 5D II, 50 1.2 @ 1.2, 6400 ISO

Monday, 7 December 2009

Justine & Graham | Wedding | Alrewas Hayes

Last weekend I had the pleasure of joining Justine, Graham and their family and friends for their wedding. The weather looked like being rubbish but we were blessed with a dry day that wasn't too cold ! Alrewas Hayes Events is a new venue, family run, and is absolutely gorgeous. Set in beautiful grounds with converted barns as bedrooms for guests, it really is the perfect wedding setting. I was joined by Manchester Wedding Photographer, Matt Wagster for the day ... we always have a lot of fun shooting together and we're able to provide different angles and our own takes on the day.

And so, a few from the day ...

Those shoes ...

Justine really loves her little cuddly toy she got from Graham for her birthday LOL

The dress had beautiful detailing ...

The shapes we girls get into to look beautiful !

The girls all looked stunning ...

The boys scrubbed up well too ...

Justine and Dad ...

Time to get married !

The detail on the cake people is just amazing !!!

Some quiet time being announced in as Mr & Mrs ...

The speeches were a mix of laughter and some tears (Justine's mother is sadly no longer with us) ...

Cake cutting time ... seemed a shame cutting into that frosting :)

Final view of the venue as we were leaving ... beautiful !

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Canon Kit for Sale

The title says it all ... I have upgraded some of my kit over the past few months and figured I should really get off my backside and sell some of the stuff that has been replaced :)

I'm not particularly hard on my kit but of course all has had professional use, so is priced accordingly.

Sorry to say I have already sold the 5D's (really was sorry to see those go) and one of the 580 ex speedlites ... thanks guys !

So, here is what I have on offer ... send me an email to if interested ... all include UK shipping and I would prefer debit or credit card to paypal, cos they suck.

Canon 85mm 1.8, with hood, boxed £250
Canon 580 EX Speedlite (minimal use) - if I can find the box, it will be in that, however, it will be in it's original case with it's little stand £150
Canon 430 EX Speedlite (used once, but I dropped it and it needs the little diffuser thingy replacing, hence the price) £75 boxed
Sigma 12-24 HSM (used a handful of times, suits a cropped body rather than a FF) £250 with case and boxed, built-in hood - SOLD

I have a few other bits and bobs I'll be letting go of in the next few weeks ... flash brackets and off camera cables spring to mind.

Look forward to hearing from you soon !