Sunday, 27 December 2009

Where are all the photos ...

I know ... I've been rather neglecting the blog and my loyal readers lately ... well, I have not been doing it completely on purpose, well, kind of ... read on.

I love my blog, I love that it reaches out and inspires, that people love reading it over a cup of morning coffee, finding out what I have been up to recently. I love that it affords me the opportunity to share my love of photography with you, that I can show off my wonderful clients and my fun life.

But everything must move on, must grow, must, nay SHOULD, evolve with time. I feel I have grown these last few years but that my loyal old blog has pretty much remained the same. Don't get me started on my crappy website LOL

So, I have decided on a new look for 2010 and beyond (for how long, I am unsure at this point, re-read the part about evolving) ... and so I have been working very hard on my new website and blog, complete with new logo (ok, not too different that you won't recognise me ... I'm keeping the G !). Let me just say how very excited I am about this new project, the web is starting to really take shape and with the help of a very talented web designer, so is the new blog.

Fear not, however, there will still be a link to this trusty old blogger blog, so you can check back on previous weddings and other photography, as well as all those photos of Tess !

Thank you once again for your continued support ... I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the new look, I'm sure you're going to be as thrilled as I am with it all.

Til the end of this week, complete with new look ... have fun over the holidays and have a GREAT new year.

Smush and hugs xx

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