Sunday, 31 August 2008

The Art of Words...

I got the idea for this post from another blog I frequently check in on ... Inspired Photo Blog, by photographer Randy Kepple, Vancouver. I don't usually mimic what has been posted but I found this recent post very interesting and decided to try out my own blog-word-cloud ... this has been created by the people at Wordle and I found it interesting that my main words standing proud are, among others, Dad, Photo, Home (where else would you rather be :)) and LOL (I say that a lot haha) ...

Go create your own word cloud ... you can enter random words or just get the programme to access your blog or website to come up with the word cloud ... whatever the result, I am sure you will agree - IT IS ART !

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Wedding Day for Natasha & Allan

The Bank Holiday weekend found me in the beautiful Cheshire countryside. The day started with Natasha, her sisters and Mum all getting ready at the stunning Wrenbury Hall, a privately owned hall whose family still lives there (lucky things!).

The ceremony was held at St Michael's Church in Marbury, the beautiful village Allan had grown up in, nestled in the Cheshire countryside and overlooking Big Mere lake. Stunning setting.

The weather was absolutely glorious, considering the Summer have had to date, a real treat !

Following the ceremony we all made our way back to Wrenbury for some formal and candid photos, then on to the meal and speeches (hilarious !!). We finished off with the cake cutting with Natasha & Allan feeling like celebrities with all the cameras around :)

Congratulations to you both ! Thanks for having me ... some faves ... :)

Wrenbury Hall

Those marvellous bridesmaid shoes

St Michaels at Marbury

Monday, 25 August 2008

Happy Birthday, Dad !

Today my father celebrates his 66th birthday ! Man, does that make me feel old LOL

Angus Arthur, better known as Gus to friends and family, was born in Belfast in 1942, with a shock of bright red hair and the freckles he passed on to me ! I was his first born and apparently he was so gooey over me that Mum couldn't get a look in, he just wanted to be so involved.

The following story pretty much sums up the sort of person he is : After much resistence I got my first motorbike in 1991. When I passed my bike test a short 3 months later, I got home to a traditional Ulster Fry for my efforts (let me put it this way, Dad doesn't ask once if you are hungry, it goes something like this ... hungry? no, thanks, want some toast? no, thanks, porridge maybe? and on and on LOL). So off I go and buy a bigger, faster bike the very next day. It was only then that he admitted to being a biker for a short while in the 60's ! Honestly, all that resistence against a daughter so like him haha

When I started writing this post, I went looking for a recent photo of my Dad and, to my dismay and shame, found none, so I reckon a trip home with camera is on the cards !

Here is a scan of a favourite photo of both my parents, in much younger guise :) Dad famously wearing no top, as usual !

So, Happy 66th Birthday, Dad - big hugs from the Taylors !

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Puppy Photos !!!

With just 3 weeks to go before we can take our new puppy home, we paid her a visit and I managed to remember to bring along my camera ! She is 4 weeks old today and will be 7 weeks old (obviously LOL) when we get her home ... we really wanted to take her today ! But she is having fun and frolics with the other 5 brothers and sisters, with lots of rough and tumble time, so she will be better prepared to face my burly cats ! She is growing at an alarming rate and was even trying to howl - totally cute with the little scrunched up face, forming a little "O" with her mouth and letting out a rather pitiful, but completely cute, noise :)

Here she is with her new Dad ... I managed a cuddle but no-one else could work the camera I brought LOL ... we were just dying at her antics of climbing all over the other puppies and almost getting herself stuck in the bars (bottom photo) while trying to find a comfortable place to sleep - I know, what are we letting ourselves in for !

Oh, and our first purchase was made today - training collar, lead and feeding bowls (not sure she would be able to fit her head into the cat's dishes - but of course that remains to be seen once their backs are turned haha)

So, here is Tess at 4 weeks ... everybody say aaaaaaah ... :)

Here is a link to the breeder's site, so you can see the whole bunch of puppies and their new owners ... a huge thanks to Mick and Liz for allowing us to have Tess as part of our ever-expanding menagerie :)

Friday, 22 August 2008

Big Chunky Canvas Prints !

I finally found a new supplier for my canvas prints, actually on recommendation from my friend and fellow photographer, Jill Thorning-Jensen.

I took delivery of 2 today - 1 was for my own dining room (remember the photo of me taken by Jerry Ghionis in my wedding dress?), the other was for my clients, Lucy & James. To say I am pleased with the quality of them would be an understatement ! The colours are great and the quality of finish is bang on - they come ready to hang and are well packaged, ensuring they arrived with me in tip top condition.

Here are some shots of them, taken hanging in my own home ... contact me if you would like more information on these beautiful products !

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

It's That Time of Year !

Well, it really is that time of year for a busy wedding photographer ... shooting every weekend, processing weddings, designing albums and then the good part ... building them and handing them over to the client !

I have just completed a beautiful album for Elizabeth and Tom and decided to blog about it and some other products. I love the freedom of design this album offers ... the ability to tell the story of the day through photos, with multiple images in some spreads, ensuring you have an album you can treasure for a lifetime. The layouts and design are fairly contemporary, with a blend of black and white and colour, whilst the album still maintains a classical and timeless look.

Here are a few photos ... the cover is a soft-touch (in fact, when clients come to see me, they can't stop stroking the cover of this one LOL) and comes in a variety of colours, black being the most popular. The metal corners not only add a contemporary touch, but are there to protect in case the album gets knocked in some way. The ivory double-mounted pages complement the exterior and sit well with the designs. Black is an option for these, for those who prefer a dark frame around their images. All albums are supplied in a protective box ... one can't be too careful with these heirloom pieces.

Another (new) product from me is the little mini album ... this contains 10 of your favourite images from the day, ideal for showing colleagues and friends a few faves without having to lug the rather large album around :) They have a little metal strip with a magnetic clasp and come in either ivory or black ... they are available as shown (image size 3.5 x 2.5", 10 images), as a 6x4" with 10 images or a new size, 8x6" with 15 images ... ideal for gifts, or a small parent album !

Contact me for more information or to request a brochure !

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Wedding Day for Dee & Don

I first met Dee & Don over a year ago at a bridal fayre I regularly exhibit at ... they came by my stand and really loved my work. Of course, as I recommend to so many of my couples, they went off for a private chat, before hurrying back in just before the end of the show, to book me and secure my services for their wedding.

And what a beautiful wedding it was. Peckforton was the location for the whole day, with preps and civil ceremony in the Great Hall (man, those ceilings) followed by a blessing in the castle chapel, really quaint and packed full of family and friends. There followed a traditional dove release (with a beautiful reading by one of their bridesmaids out on the sprawling lawns) - I did manage to capture one of the doves in full flight, but Dee looks a bit frightened LOL

After a mingle with guests, we headed off for some bridal portraits and Don surprised Dee with an absolutely stunning Leo diamond necklace ! Jealous ! haha

The speeches were hilarious, far too many shots to share here :) then it was on for the dancing and boy, that dancefloor was packed within minutes of the first dance !

Dee and Don ... I know you have already had 16 wonderful years together, starting out as childhood sweethearts, but I would like to take this opportunity to wish you many more happy years to come, congratulations to you both and to your families. Thanks for having me.

As always, a few teasers ...

- oh, I have been toying with a new BW recipe and some different borders (I get bored easily LOL) - feedback welcome !