Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Mrs Absent ...

I know. I have been totally rubbish this last few weeks updating the blog ... I PROMISE I have valid (multiple) reasons ... here we go ...

So, my friend and fellow photographer Chris Meyer came for a visit from Minneapolis shooting first with David Pearce then heading up to stay with us for a while. In the meantime, Matt Wagster came down from Manchester to stop for a few days ... let me just say, Tess is having a ball with all these dog lovers.

Matt and I shot Tiffany and Carl's wedding in Reading last weekend, then this past weekend Chris and I shot Lindsey and Rich's wedding at Ingestre. The night before the wedding, Peter Prior came to stay as he had a wedding in Wolverhampton ... we had to buy a blow up bed for my stepson LOL. The following day we all headed into Stafford to shoot Mark and Louise's pre wedding shoot (they are getting married next Summer) and tomorrow we are all heading down to Moxhull Hall to shoot Paul and Alex's wedding. To finish, we need to get Chris to Heathrow for his flight back home on Christmas Eve ... in between all that, Christmas shopping, Christmas FOOD shopping and all the other housey stuff, like looking after Tess, the cats and on and on ...

So, forgive me, it's MANIC here ... I'll be posting a load of shoots soon ... portraits, weddings, pre wedding shoots, the lot, so hang in there ...

Oh, and did I mention a re-brand of my business? New website and blog launching soon ... you're going to LOVE IT !

Thanks for hanging in there ...



  1. So I imagined I stayed in Stafford then? Lol

  2. Holy crap, that is a schedule and a half :-)))

  3. Peter ... so crazy i momentarily forgot to mention that LOL ... blog post updated to add that important piece of information :)


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